A Neighbourhood Plan
for Sonning

Our chance to develop a shared vision for the future of the Thameside village of Sonning

News - May 2021

We had responses from over half the homes in the Parish!
Currently a total of 354 completed questionnaires

We'd sincerely like to thank all of you who have taken time to read and complete our rather long but worthwhile survey.
And if there are any of you who still have to get your form to us then please don't delay - it's not too late but please do it soon.

News - April 2021

After many months of development we now have a questionnaire that will be delivered to all Sonning residents before the end of April. It's good timing since it coincides with the easing of lockdown and our distribution team will be able to deliver it by hand and, if the opportunity arises, have a chat with people about how important this is to the future of our Parish and why we really need every resident aged 16+ years to complete a questionaire.

The Questionnaire for the Sonning Neighbourhood Plan is also available as a PDF file that you can download here:


When you have completed it please save a copy for your records
and then email it to snp@sonning.info
Deadline for completion is 10th May 2021

iPad Users: You will need to download "Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Maker"
from the App Store in order to be able to fill in the form and tick boxes etc.
(Safari can open a PDF file automatically but it does so in read-only mode!)
When you've completed the questionnaire you will need to do a "Save a copy"
(from the ... menu) and then please email it to us.

Other Computer Users: It is unlikely, but if you don't already have it installed on your computer or tablet,
you will need to download Adobe Reader from here: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

News - November 2020

The Steering Group has had a number of meetings in the last few months and we are currently developing a questionnaire that will be distributed to all households early in the new year. It will enable you to give your views on what you feel makes our neighbourhood special and what you would like to see for the future of Sonning.

We have divided ourselves into teams to make sure that we cover all apsects of a Neighbourhood Plan:

Historic Environment & Conservation Area   Mike Hart & Gordon Jones
Housing Development Mark Saunders, Matt Belk & Rory Herdman
Landscape & Environment Nigel Borshell, Alastair Driver & Paul Etherington
Social & Community Rebecca Bullard & Ruth Belk
Transport & Infrastructure Trefor Fisher, Tony Farnese & Bob Hulley
Liason with WBC & Local Plan Bob Hine & Lesley Bates
Finance & Grants Peter Morrison & Tim Pascal
Chairman Jeremy Gilmore

At the moment we’re looking for people who would be willing to read and comment on a draft questionnaire that we’ll be inviting everyone in the village to complete. We want to make sure that the questions on the questionnaire reflect the interests and experiences of as many people as possible in this village.

You don’t need any special qualifications at all. We’re looking for as diverse a group of Sonning residents as possible. Whether you’ve been here six months or sixty years, we will want to hear your views.

Please do get in touch [] if you are able to help. Thank you.

Thank You

The Sonning Parish Council and Sonning & Sonning Eye Society joint steering group would like to thank everyone who turned out to the public Neighbourhood Plan meeting in Sonning on Tuesday evening, 18th February 2020. The interest was considerable and apologies to those who had to squeeze in and stand. The presentation is available below for you to review in more detail and especially for those who were not able to attend.

If you would like to be kept informed of our progress please sign up below, and do please let us know if you would be willing to volunteer to help us develop this important project.

Be Informed

Pearson Hall - Feb 18th 2020

Standing room only!

Speakers' Notes Meeting Notes

Minutes of Meetings etc

We will endeavour to keep everyone informed of our progress, particularly at the various milestones.
You can keep an eye on our progress by reading the minutes of our meetings.

Minutes of Meetings

A shared vision

A Neighbourhood Plan will let us create a shared vision for Sonning that will take account of all of our community.

Choose our future

We can decide the type of sustainable development (if any) that we need, what it should comprise, where it should be built.

Appropriate styles

Sonning is a long established Thameside village which attracts visitors from around the world and needs to be carefully looked after.

Legal standing

A Neighbourhood plan has legal standing and will guide the planning authorities on all future building applications by developers.

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About Us

The joint steering group comprises members of Sonning Parish Council and the Sonning & Sonning Eye Society together with volunteers from the local community.