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Neighbourhood Plan for Sonning

Four ways to make comments on the Draft Plan:

All comments should be submitted before 30th November 2022
1) Meet us at Pearson Hall

We are holding an open day on Saturday 5th November. You are very welcome to drop in and chat to us between 11am and 5pm.

2) Send us an email

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3) Write to us

Post your letter through the Sonning Parish Council letterbox at the Pearson Hall

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Thank you for taking the time to subbmit your comments, your opinions are very important - it is vital that we get to hear from Sonning all residents.

If the form above does not work for you please send an email to Thank you.

A shared vision

A Neighbourhood Plan will let us create a shared vision for Sonning that will take account of all of our community.

Choose our future

We can decide the type of sustainable development (if any) that we need, what it should comprise, where it should be built.

Appropriate styles

Sonning is a long established Thameside village which attracts visitors from around the world and needs to be carefully looked after.

Legal standing

A Neighbourhood Plan has legal standing and will guide the planning authorities on all future building applications by developers.

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About Us

The Joint Steering Group comprises members of Sonning Parish Council and the Sonning & Sonning Eye Society together with volunteers from the local community.